LED Screen Sourcing & Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) Services

Based in Hong Kong and operating from Shenzhen & Huizhou up to 7-days per week, Bateman Consulting Ltd is dedicated to supporting our clients with quality LED screen products.

Managed by Dave Bateman, an industry veteran with 20 years experience in the design, manufacture, sourcing and inspection of LED products our experience spans the development of LED display products from the early days of LED moving message signs to today’s giant creative screens. We call on that experience to ensure the products you receive are delivered on time and to specification.

We offer a range of factory acceptance testing (FAT) services to meet clients needs including:

1. Review of the manufacturer’s site and facilities
2. Product review to evaluate product before purchase
3. Review of key materials
4. Review of production process
5. Review of first article to confirm acceptance to manufacture
6. Review of aging and factory QC
7. Final FAT of finished product

Located close to the manufacturing center for LED screen products, we are able to react quickly to schedule changes, which often do occur. With no international travel costs we are able to offer our FAT services at an affordable daily rate.

Our FAT services offer the assurance that product meets specification. Where issues are found you are made aware of them as early as possible, so that a course of corrective action can be put in place.

If you are unsure which product or manufacturer, we can also help with our sourcing services. We deal with a wide range of manufacturers on all popular product types. Simply contact Dave at dabateman@netvigator.com or via Linkedin to discuss your LED screen needs. You may also leave your contact details here.

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